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Ro Business is a leading global trading enterprise situated in Ruse, Bulgaria. Our company has established direct partnerships with numerous prestigious brands, including Samsung, Philips, OXO, Dyson, RefeCtocil, and many others. As a part of our ongoing growth strategy, we have diversified into various industries, such as food and beverages, supplements, jewelry, and other sectors.

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We have an entire department of analysts and eCommerce specialists dedicated to sales growth, offering you tools and services to ensure your brand goes in the direction you want.

Official Distributor of:


As the official distributor for RefeCtocil, our duties include:

Representing the brand: Our primary responsibility is to represent RefeCtocil and promote its products in the market.

Managing the supply chain: We are responsible for managing the supply chain of RefeCtocil’s products. This involves ordering, storing, and delivering the products to customers.

Maintaining inventory: We need to ensure that an adequate level of inventory of RefeCtocil’s products is maintained to meet customer demand.

Providing customer service: We are expected to provide exceptional customer service and support to customers who purchase RefeCtocil’s products through me. This includes addressing customer complaints and queries promptly and professionally.

Reporting and analysis: We must provide regular reports and analyses to RefeCtocil on sales, inventory, and customer feedback. This helps the brand to make informed decisions and improve its products and services.

Compliance: We must comply with all of RefeCtocil’s policies and guidelines, including pricing, promotions, and marketing strategies. We must also ensure that I comply with all legal and regulatory requirements in my market.

By fulfilling these duties, I can help RefeCtocil to increase its market presence and grow its customer base.